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Tinkerbella Rabbit & Guinea Pig Hotel
& Sanctuary
Boarding. Pet sitting . Grooming . Workshops . Training . Rehoming  
     Poulton Le Fylde . Lancashire . Fy6 7UW . 07709 263416               ******************************************************               

All our rabbits and guinea pigs are housed safely and securely inside our home, garage or in foxproof hutch outside, giving you peace of mind while your away. 

They have clean indoor housing, fitted with cushion beds or bedding, litter trays, feeding bowls, water bowls/bottle and hayrack.

Toys are provided, with lunchtime treats and snacks of fresh fruit and veg slices.

Relaxation nature sounds / music are played during the day. 

Bunnies and piggies have access to an indoor play pen with toys and large outdoor pens and fox proof runs in our large grass garden with litter trays and fresh water. All pens are vacuumed after use and the grass hosed down.

They are all let out in the run/pen everyday for a minimum of 4 hours. Supervision is constant by ourselves who have more than 20 years experience with health and welfare of rabbits and guinea pigs. 

We never overbook to allow for love and attention to be provided for each pet. We will provide the best care and we are very intuitive to their needs. We have fresh hay delivered weekly and organic apples, carrots, cucumber and celery and grow are own herbs in our herbal garden containing dandelions and parsley.

Hygiene is very important to us, all bedding is cleaned daily, floors swept and cleaned regularly and bowls and bottles washed daily.

The pets never mix with each other directly and everything is cleaned and steam sterilised after each use. 

For us to provide a safe environment we can only accept rabbits that have been fully vaccinated and wormed a week prior to eliminate risk of disease, worms and E cuniculi. Proof will need to be shown on booking.

This picture is to show the size of one of our pens